The BRG scan device is a suitable tool for treasury searching and finding empty space and monument under the ground.

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Top Benefits of buying BRG scan device

The new technology measures accurate and repeatable results- Realistic direct view to instant view on the computer screen- Easy and functional operation with in the world- Use the latest technology with high processing speed-

Using the internal magnetometer- wirelessly connectable to a tablet or PC * more affordable than other complex and bulky devices Can be connected to 3D Scanner and 3D Scanner for better soil selection when scanning.


Viewing your GPR scans in 3D allows you to see them more clearly. With our 3D imaging software, you get the power to:

Generate multi-scan slice overlays
Rotate and zoom data slices for analysis
Generate Depth Slices and Peak Maps
Drop paths onto map with GPS integration (optional)
Versatile migration and real-time processing
Time/Depth Slices of user-definable areas/shapes

Viewing your GPR scans in 3D allows you to see them more clearly. With our 3D imaging software, you get the power to: Adjustable transparency
Adjustable clip plane options
Turn individual scans and slices on and off
Preview generated images before adding them to 3D model
Data can be exported to other viewing software such as Voxler to generate Isosurface Renderings
Data can also be exported in laser scanner/point cloud forma.


Dozens of people all over the world have known and grown into our product. Only persons with appropriate authority and classification were witnesses to its capabilities of use in the context of military and political agreements. Word began to spread around the world – people began to talk about the revolutionary product that is going to change the face of search and discovery for buried treasures, burial spaces, caves and tunnels, gold, silver, diamonds and more. With regard to counterfeiting, it all began when someone leaked a picture of our product, thus contributing to counterfeiters the ability to copy to their own model. In fact, the counterfeiters, especially the Chinese, were able to fake the body of the device but of course they can not fake or create the technology and algorithm that professors and doctors have labored in our labs for decades. Therefore, anyone exposed to the BRG product must go to our authenticity check page and enter the serial number on the device, in addition to the code on the warranty card that came with the device. Only then will you be able to verify that you have the original device for long range TR detection.

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