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The new technology measures accurate and repeatable results- Realistic direct view to instant view on the computer screen- Easy and functional operation with in the world- Use the latest technology with high processing speed- Using the internal magnetometer- wirelessly connectable to a tablet or PC * more affordable than other complex and bulky devices Can be connected to 3D Scanner and 3D Scanner for better soil selection when scanning.

BRG Magnet GPR 2019

B.R.G has new advanced technology to be one of the best pictorial metal detectors in the market. This small exact metal detector shows targets better than other devices in market, so with this description, you can use it safe and accurate and get good results


-At the same time, you can have 3D scan and live scan on your own laptop.
-pictorial manometer is one of other Advanced technologies on this device and shows exact Metal burial place.
B.R.G device doesn’t need AA battery and with rechargeable battery it has, you can keep scanning for hours.
Availability to use from -10 to 50 Degree is one of the other positive capabilities and also it has 2 years’ valid warranty from the company.
Our device has 25 meters’ depth of exploration and it discovers all type of valuable metals like gold, silver, iron, cooper and also it discovers all kind of holes and tunnels.
With its small size and high accuracy outfit, you can do professional exploration in place where other devices can’t explore. As we said, B.R.G scan uses strong manometers feature your analyzes will process in B.R.G 3D software. B.R.G metal detector is equipped with super manometers high speed sensor invocating and processing information’s.

Some functionality and features of B.R.G - GPR metal detector:

• Wireless connectivity
• Equipped with ground scan
• Identity old hidden objects in the soil
• Ability to analyze the scan as colors
• Equipped with powerful and rechargeable batteries
• Full Charging battery in two hours
• Feature of 7 hours’ battery life with complete charge
• With 2 years’ warranty

PRICE 11000 $

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